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Book Review by Writer's Digest

 Writer's Digest Review 

from Self Publish Contest
Lavender Farming: Secrets from a Hard Row Hoed
By Nicole Howard Judge #69
4 Nov 2020

Lavender Farming is a detailed, practical guide for anyone considering the lavender business. The content includes everything from types of lavender and how to productize it to terroir, business considerations, and history. I found several items of particular interest: the idea of shelterbelts, straight vs. curvy rows, and the connection to Hildegard of Bingen. I especially appreciated the sharing of mistakes so that others can avoid the same.

The voice of the book is conversational, comfortable, and friendly. There is some subtle humor and some nice turns of phrase, e.g., “vole buffet,” “medieval hazmat suit,” and “pinning a dress … on Mother Earth.” I think the macro structure worked, though sometimes within each section I might have adjusted the flow to give more context before jumping into detail.

Overall, this book is well done, and I imagine it is a valuable guide for lavender enthusiasts and new businesses.

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