Sunday, March 3, 2013

Useful Information

• To stay ahead of a hangover, try to drink at least twice as many glasses of water as the number of drinks consumed. 4 drinks/8 glasses of water. For best results, you will have to be diligent through out the night. You may not get a solid 8 hours of sleep but you will feel better than just passing out. I try, with each time I roll over to take at least 5 big gulps, and am usually feeling okay on the morning.

• Terrance McKenna said: "When you find yourself on a bad trip you can bring yourself around to center simply by singing;" anything, just concentrate on the tune and sing it out loud. Or whistle it if you can. Music soothes any savage beast, even the run away imagination.
I find this advice helpful even when I am frightened or down.

• If you have any sort of intestinal problem, indigestion, or heartburn lie down to sleep, on your left side. It has something to do with the way the large intestine works and keeps things moving as they should.

• Trouble sleeping? Young Living Herbs says to rub lavender oil into the soles of your feet last thing before you tuck them under the covers. Lavender calms, and applying it to the bottoms of your feet; one of the most vascularized areas of the body, helps move the calm into the bloodstream quickly and effectively.

•At first sign of a cold I start adding one or two full droppers of probiotic tinctures to my litre sized water bottle. I find golden seal, echinacea, astragalus, and elderberry all to be highly beneficial. You can allay full blown symptoms and suffer far less if you religiously drink it from the git go. Do this for three days. Then let your immune system take over.

• Cold sores can be made far less severe by dabbing the sore with lavender oil every time you feel it tingling. If you apply lavender oil at the first tingling symptoms, before break out, it won't ever be too much of a problem. This medicine can cause the sore to scab up, but at least it keeps it from becoming a growing, oozing mess.

• Look no further to easily remove sticky pine sap, cottonwood sap, and permanent sharpie markings. Apply lavender oil; just a couple drops on sappy, sticky fingers - magic, and smells as good as the sap!  And for permanent marker, use a small cloth saturated with lavender oil and wipe the mark off. A friend of mine who owns an antique store shared another secret regarding the removal of sharpie marker from glass. Take a sharpie marker and retrace the markings, to moisten the old mark. Then quickly wipe off with a cloth.

• New use for an old thing: use a shoe horn for a handheld boot scraper. Put a string handle on it and loop it on a hook close by the door. It beats trying to use the edge of the porch or pick out mud with a stick.

• When it is not convenient to let out a big, loud, splattering sneeze, try this; as soon as you feel that tickle coming in your nostrils, firmly pinch the bridge of your nose until the sneeze passes. It works about 90% of time.

• If you find yourself low on energy but don't have time to take a nap, make yourself some strong green tea. Drink it. Then for the 20 minutes it takes for the caffeine to begin working, lie anywhere that you can put your feet up high over your head. In yoga, we call it 'legs up the wall'.

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