Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

My coco butter, coconut oil, honey, tahini, and almond butter are all still solid, frozen. Well, okay, maybe not frozen, but not yet easy to pry from their jars. It's the 22nd of April, a week away from Beltane and it was 15 degrees here at the cabin the other night. Record cold. I drove to the town in a full blown, sideways blizzard the entire way.
We are all complaining now. Tired of wearing layers of clothing, tired of down jackets and wool socks and closed toed shoes, tired of shivering and cold extremities.
I want to play outside. I want to be sun kissed.
Daily I recite ancient Egyptian prayers to the Sun. Hail unto thee RA! Hathor, Tum, and Kephra! Beseeching the golden orb to grace us with warmth...
I listen to those who claim they won't curse the frigid temps and late snows. "We need the precip", they say with a shrug. But I don't give much credence to their words. It is my observation that winter hangs on a month later and fire season burns well into September. I had a big bonfire on Winter Solstice and could not help but wonder at the disturbingly balmy conditions of the day. This, used not to be the case. January is really the only hard month in these parts anymore. Well, and April, when you're wishin' like hell Ol' Man Winter'd just pack his bags and git gone!
Migrating birds are starving to death on their routes thru the midwest because they follow internal clocks that are aeons ancient. They don't understand why the climate has changed. We are fuckin' up this beautiful, blue swirled marble at breakneck speed.
Recently I saw the movie Oblivion. It left me thinking on many; we all live here, all Earthlings. We humans share this place, it is home, for us, all of us. Yet we are determined to fight, kill, name in the name of something as ridulous and out dated as religion, or politics. WTF? Our planet is valuable, it has fresh water and a generally lovely atmosphere. We are capable of living here in an unobtrusive manner, copacetic with the natural rhythms of Gaia, not leaving a footprint, if but a tiny one...our moon (which, in the movie had been blown apart, - disturbed me greatly to see her like that - in turn causing the earth's tectonic plates into upheaval, new mountain ranges swallowing up cities like New York,) works in concort with her. It's all connected, 'we are stardust, we are golden, snared in the devil's garden, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden...the whole planet is a garden! Lilith knew it...
I recently learned that Costa Rica has no military and that they spend all the money that would support a military on educating their people. Wow! Can you imagine if the good ol' U.S. of A spent our huge military gabillion/trillion dollar defecit on our education the advances we could make? Oh HELL, we are so innately irresponsible and juvenile we'd probably develop technology enough to blow up our own moon...Never mind!
Anyway, every day is Earth Day.
Thanks for listening.
Writing from my tiny, off grid cabin, somewhere 'neath jagged peaks in Montana...
Peace out!

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